Knowledge ofPrinciples and application of civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering in an airport environment. Principles, methods, and equipment for design, construction, and maintenance of structures, utilities, systems and other facilities in the airport environment. Operation and maintenance of equipment such as aircraft docking bridges, baggage conveyor systems, generators, fire suppression systems and other related systems.  Supports operation and maintenance of security systems including access hardware, CCTV, microwave sensors, and access readers. Electrical, painting, carpentry, plumbing and custodial maintenance methods. Budget preparation and administration, accounting, and principles of supervision. Application of modern electronic data management and drawing tools. Minimization of facility life cycle costs while maintaining safety, quality, and public accommodation. Environmental compliance including storm water and hazardous materials. Understanding of regulatory agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), California Coastal Commission, California State Water Resources Control Board, Flood Control Board, and City of Santa Barbara Boards and Commissions. Knowledge of applicable state and federal regulations.

Ability to: Direct, motivate, and evaluate the work of employees; analyze proposed airport construction and maintenance plans and recommend changes necessary to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. Prioritize capital projects and create long term plans for repair and replacement of Airport assets. Prepare plans and written reports related to Airport and tenant projects; answer questions from the public and interested groups; and make presentations and recommendations to committees, commissions, City Council, and outside agencies. Rapidly develop response plans during and after an emergency. Provide short and long range planning guidance for airport systems and facilities. Utilize computerized database, drawing, data acquisition, and general office software and equipment. Manages Airport’s Automated Work Order Maintenance System. Plan and execute integration of computer technology, construction activities, maintenance plans, and cost accounting. Conduct effective water quality testing and management programs.

Experience/Education: Applicants are required to have experience and/or education that would have developed the knowledge and abilities listed above. A bachelor’s degree in civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering or related field is preferred. Previous airport experience is preferred.

License Requirements: Applicant must possess a California driver's license at time of appointment.  Airport Security Credential and Airfield Driving qualification required.